Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that we are often asked about our karate classes. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Karate is a martial art that was developed in Ryukyu Islands (modern day Okinawa) around the 17th century. It was popularized via Japan around 1920. The word “karate” literally means “empty hand”. Kyokushin karate was founded and perfected by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. After winning numerous fights, he founded his first dojo in 1953 in Meijiro, Tokyo. Our style, Shinkyokushin (New Kyokushin) karate, was founded several years later by Sosai Oyama's followers.

We teach Shinkyokushin karate (New Kyokushin), and our dojo is proud to be recognized by the World Karate Organization.

Karate is usually performed barefoot with loose-fitting clothing. The white uniform is called a “dogi” or simply “gi”. A belt is tied around it to both hold it together and signify the skill level of the practitioner. If you are a beginner, it is not necessary for you to wear a gi. When people start our classes, they often wear regular gym clothing. Athletic shorts or pants (not too long) and a t-shirt are sufficient. If you choose to continue your training, we will be happy to make arrangements and order the correct size uniform that will fit you.

When we say “OSU”, we are not referring to the Oregon State University. It is actually pronounced as “oss”. Osu consists of two kanji (Japanese characters) – “o” means to “push” and do your very best, and “su” means to “endure”. You can summarize it as “endure and apply maximum effort”. Osu is a very universal term – you can either say it in a calm voice or shout it out. It can be used to mean “yes”, “alright”, “ok”, “I get it”, “I understand”, and even “hello” and “goodbye”.

We do not have a formal cutoff age for adult classes. Our kids karate classes accommodate students from age 3 and over. If you feel that it is more appropriate for you to join our adults only class, please let us know, and we will be happy to discuss it.

It is never too late to begin studying karate, as long as your health allows it. In fact, many people find that karate makes them healthier, more flexible and more focused. Regarding a minimum age, we find that 3 is a good age to start.

Absolutely. Our classes are very beginner-friendly. Don’t worry, you will feel more and more comfortable with every lesson.

No, you are not required to be very physically fit in order to begin training. Don’t worry, you will get there. Many people report that they are very happy with how they look after studying karate for some time.

Very much so – in fact, karate is great for self-defense. Whereas we very much support the notion of peace and the prevention of violence, being able to come out on top in an altercation or quickly winning a fight in self-defense are at the art’s very core. Regarding bullying, we feel that it will probably not be wise to mess with someone who knows karate.

Absolutely. The first month of instruction at our school is only $1 for new students. There are no strings attached. We simply want to make sure that you like our school, our style, our instructors, and your fellow students before you make a big decision.

Karate is safer than many sports, but it is still a sport. At our dojo, we do our best to prevent injuries, and they are very rare. When they do happen, they are usually minor – bruises are the most common. We do our best to stretch and exercise proper technique to stay away from being hurt.

If you wanted to jump in with your kids really, really bad, we would probably let you. However, we recommend that you take our adult class.

We practice on a matted surface, similar to a yoga or any other gym class. You are most welcome to watch your kids – there are windows.

Our classes are led by Sensei Ventsislav Sholin, a 3rd degree black belt with over 25 years of experience. Sensei Sholin is the former Balkan and Bulgarian National Champion, and he is constantly in touch with the current world champions and masters.

We are a member of the World Karate Organization – Shinkyokushinkai, and we subscribe to its rigorous standards of quality. You may refer to the organization’s website to locate other schools and instructors. Our Sensei, Ventsislav Sholin, is proudly listed and recognized on the WKO website.

Our current fees are $139/month. There are usually 8 sessions in every month. For a limited time, the first month is only $1 for all the adult classes.

Please click on the Class Schedule link at the top of the website. Our current schedule is listed on that page.

We are located in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles County). Our address is 22311 Ventura Blvd., Suite 123, Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

Yes, we require that you sign a standard liability waiver. It is very similar to waivers for other gyms, activities and sports facilities.

We are currently serving all of the San Fernando Valley. We offer karate classes to customers in Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Hidden Hills, Agoura Hills, Bell Canyon, Tarzana, Encino, Reseda, Winnetka, Chatsworth, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, San Fernando, Pacoima, Studio City and North Hollywood.