Training For Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts

Martial arts can play a very important role in a person’s recovery and relapse prevention. While the mind and spirit are customarily successfully helped by 12-step programs, the body often needs proper nutrition and exercise to recover. In addition, there is no doubt that exercise is one of the healthiest and most effective forms of stress relief.

At the Elite Martial Arts Dojo, we enjoy working with recovering individuals to help them become more productive and responsible members of society. Living life on life’s terms takes a lot of energy and health, and we use martial arts training to help you take life one day at a time.

Practicing martial arts is not only physical – there is a lot of mental conditioning and strategy planning involved.  Your body gets stronger, and your mind does too because you are constantly learning new moves and new techniques. Through martial arts training, people develop more confidence.  More confidence provides more freedom to live a balanced and fulfilling life.

Martial arts also improve focus and enhance concentration skills.  When people develop self-defense reflexes, there is less anxiety when they find themselves in unfamiliar situations.

At Elite Martial Arts Dojo, we welcome anyone who is working to turn their life around and would like to focus on the physical aspect of recovery. Our simple, non-intimidating methods will get you practicing martial arts and feeling great.

“I got very out of shape in my early recovery, and Sensei Sholin really helped me. The constant meetings, coffee and cigarettes, cakes, putting down the “spoon” and picking up the fork … that stuff didn’t do my body a lot of good. My self-esteem went down, and I started to no longer enjoy the life I worked so hard to clean up. EMA really showed me how to get my physical self back on the right track. Now, martial arts are very much a part of my recovery. I feel very healthy, and I just celebrated 9 years.” – Derrick C.

“Sensei Sholin showed me how to live fit. I was scared that martial arts were going to interfere with my recovery and somehow make me angry. To the contrary, I feel very peaceful, relieved, relaxed and healthy.” – Shirley M.

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