Why Join?

Why Should You Join Our Dojo?

Elite Martial Arts Karate Dojo

Elite Martial Arts Karate Dojo

You don’t like to compromise, and you don’t like to accept less than you or your kids deserve. You also believe that being physically fit is healthy, and that being able to defend and stand up for oneself is never a bad thing. Finally, you believe in not overpaying for BJJ and karate training. We understand, and we are here for you.

Our training is authentic. Unlike too many karate and BJJ schools out there, our belts are earned, not sold or handed out. You cannot simply write us a check and walk out with a new belt. If you don’t objectively deserve it, you will not get it. Our head Sensei (teacher) belongs to the World Karate Organization, and he adheres to its principles of quality and integrity. Our school is directly tied to current karate world champions and masters, and Sensei Ventsi Sholin knows and trains with many of them personally. He himself was a Balkan and Bulgarian National Champion.  You will likely not find this to be the case in many other San Fernando Valley karate schools.

Our training is affordable. We advance our own knowledge of karate by teaching it to others, and our primary objective is the mastery of the art and not unjust enrichment. We will not butcher karate and make it appear like entertainment just to make a few dollars. We do, however, have to pay our bills and maintain facilities, equipment and insurance. This is why we charge a modest $139 per month – with most months having 8 training sessions, many of our students find this to be a great deal. Despite the affordable prices, we enjoy giving individual attention to our students. 

Karate has many benefits. Karate is not only safer than many other sports, but it is also something that one can partake in for a lifetime. Some activities get expensive to keep up, some are seasonal, and many other activities like weight training cannot be mastered without becoming a professional bodybuilder. Karate is different because it fosters a unity of body and mind – it is not only something that you can use to get in great shape, but it can also be looked at as a way of life that builds character.

Benefits of Karate

  • Get more active
  • Avoid conflict
  • Increase focus
  • Do better in school and work
  • Develop coordination
  • Build confidence
  • Be healthy
  • Learn balance and posture
  • Practice self-defense
  • Enjoy teamwork

If you are looking for a traditional martial art that has been practiced for generations, karate is your answer. 

We would love to teach karate to you or your kids. Come and join us.